10 Anime Scenes Japanese Fans Hope Mom Won't Walk In On

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom, we love you, but sometimes we just wanna watch anime...alone. Japanese message board posters fondly remembered their mothers and how awkward it was to watch certain scenes, commercials, or even ending credits with them. We tried to avoid most specific spoilers, especially for recent shows, but here's a fair warning anyhow!


*Note there is no order or ranking involved. We're just counting off ten things.


The kiss at the end of Pokémon: The Guardians of Altomare


The ED credits of Rozen Maiden


Kaji and Misato's bedroom scene (and let's just say another Evangelion scene was mentioned a couple times)



Scenes of quitting school and becoming a hikikomori


A certain shocking death in Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Scenes in Ranma where there are breasts



The Aquarion commercial


The 7th episode of Strike Witches (2nd season is a bath episode)


That scene in Kill Me Baby where Sonya is groping at Yasuna's crotch




The New Year's Heartcatch PreCure special


Ok guys, did you wish your mom Happy Mother's Day? Great! Now, I think you can make a better list than the one above. For instance, I was always crossing my fingers no one would walk in during Gren's shower scene in Cowboy Bebop... Let us know the anime you don't want to watch with your mom, but please keep the discussion within some realm of appropriateness.


via My Game News Flash

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