"I Wanna Be the Guy" Creator is at it Again with "Brave Earth: Prologue"

Old-school platformer inspired by early "Castlevania" games

"Hardcore gamer" is a very nebulous term these days. Does it mean you only play competitively? Does it mean you hate Nintendo and family-friendly or casual games?



You knew this was coming


Well, I go by the definition that a hardcore gamer takes on herculean tasks of gaming which mere mortals cannot hope to conquer, like vicious freeware platformer I Wanna Be the Guy. Creator Michael O'Reilly is currently working on another old-school homage, this time with the Castlevania-inspired Brave Earth: Prologue.




Instead of going for the newer definition of Castlevania, meaning a medieval Metroid game (I'm trying to limit use of the word "Metroidvania"), O'Reilly is aiming for the series' roots, going for a ruthless, fast-paced action-platformer. I think what really blows me away about this is how detailed the faux 8-bit graphics are, and how many frames of animation each character has.






The game was originally supposed to be released in "early 2012," but now that we're approaching "mid-2012" I'm going to assume that the game is just going to come out sometime later this year. What do you think? Are you going to check out O'Reilly's new masochistic classically hardcore gaming experience?



via Destructoid

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