Kiritsugu, Saber, Irisviel, and Maiya Take Spotlight at Ufotable's "Fate/zero" Cafe

Anime-inspired menu and place setting dedicated to heroic household

They missed Saber's birthday (May 13th), but starting May 14th, Ufotable, the studio behind Fate/Zero, are passing the spotlight at their Tokyo and Tokushima cafes from Assassin, Kirei, Archer, and Tokiomi to the less than happy household of Kiritsugu, Saber, Irisviel, and Maiya.



Both locations are offering a Kiritsugu Emiya hamburger platter, with the note that it's modeled after the one eaten by Kiritsugu in episode 12 of the anime.



The theme dessert is a Maiya cake plate, with three cubes of chocolate cake, with pieces of strawberry and custard roll cake.


Drinks include Saber Blue Nata de Coco with optional gin, Kiritsugu bitter ice coffee jelly, and Maiya tea soda with optional vodka.


Special plates, place mats, and coasters will mark the occasion and drinks can be purchased with special tumblers.



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