"Pokémon Dream Radar" Lets You Nab Pokémon in Real Life

Pokédex 3D Pro also headed to eShop this fall, includes every Pokémon

Surely you've imagined waking up to find your room full of wild Pokémon, all practically begging to be caught, trained, and thrown into vicious battles. Pokémon Dream Radar is an augmented reality game for Nintendo 3DS that lets you do just that… kind of. 



Ok, so it's not real life, but Pokémon Dream Radar has players moving their 3DS around real environments, thanks to the built in cameras, and zapping Pokémon that appear with a handy beam. Help Professor Burnett with her research in the "Between Dreams" space by catching monsters in your room, outside, or wherever you may be playing 3DS.



Some of the Pokémon available for the catchin' include alternate forms of Tornadus, Landorus, and Thundrus. 



Captured Pokémon won't just sit idly in your system for you to gawk at for all time. You'll be able to transfer the creatures to Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 when they're available. Dream Radar itself hits Japan on June 23 as a ¥300 ($4) download, and will make its way to North America in the fall. 


Also on its way to the eShop at around the same time is Pokédex 3D Pro, a paid app that acts as an advanced version of the original free 3DS Pokédex. This one contains entries for every single Pokémon, with the ability to sort, compare, rank, and learn about each one in six different languages. It has AR functionality, so you can take photos of your Pokémon in various real locations, and all of the included monsters will be unlocked from the start. 



Via Siliconera



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