VIDEO: New Vocaloid MAYU's Demo Songs Posted

15 years old "yandere" Vocaloid character by Exit Tunes

MAYU is a new female Vocaloid 3 character by the popular Vocaloid music label Exit Tunes. Her official demo song "Caramel Sugar" has been posted at her official site since last Saturday. She was revealed at the live event "EXIT TUNES ACADEMY" on May 6. Hidari who was an original character designer for the TV anime Fractale in 2011 designed her. The concept for MAYU is "yandere", a character who is initially very loving and gentle to someone before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence. How do you like the new Vocaloid's voice?




Demo Song 2  "Caramel Sugar"


Demo Song 1 "Amano Jyaku" (60% complete)


MMD Model (song is Hatsune Miku's "Sayonara Goodbye")


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku



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