Mark Your Mastery with "Kingdom Hearts 3D" Special Edition

Special box, AR cards, and more included in North American package

Square Enix is ready to show off the special edition of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, dubbed the "Mark of Mastery Edition." In addition to the game, the set includes 5 AR (augmented reality) cards that unlock Dream Eaters and more, a set of 12 art cards that cover the series' history, and a special KH-branded Nintendo 3DS case. Check out the assortment, which will run you $54.99, below.



Kingdom Hearts 3D drops in North America on July 31, and Square Enix recently unleashed a 10-minute English trailer. Anyone plan on throwing down for the Mark of Mastery Edition?


Via Game Informer


(Thanks to CR user lord0bacon for the tip!)



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