Tetsuya Nomura Feels New Titles Take Priority Over "Final Fantasy VII" Remake

Square-Enix will not be celebrating landmark title's 15th anniversary with fan-requested remake

A recent Famitsu interview with Final Fantasy designer and producer Tetsuya Nomura brings disappointing news for die-hard series fans. Talking about the tenth anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, Nomura acknowledged fan demand for a remake of the 1997 PS1 RPG, but said that their current focus was on making new titles, and intending to make these new titles as good, or even better than Final Fantasy VII.


Nomura rounded out the interview by saying that Yoshinori Kitase is the true heir to the Final Fantasy series, and even gave up some trivia about the development of FF7.


Yuffie, one of the optional characters, was originally going to be a wanted character. You'd see different posters around Midgar with varying appearances, and the last poster you saw would be the final appearance of Yuffie. While I enjoyed what her story became in the final version, I have to say that the developers' original idea was pretty awesome.




Back on the topic of a Final Fantasy VII remake, what do you think? Personally, I'm fine without a full-on 1080p remake for PS3--the game was a technological marvel of its time, and the graphics--while they haven't aged particularly well--still hold a lot of charm for me. I'd be happy with a handheld port and only a slight graphical upgrade--the DS versions of Final Fantasy III and IV were pretty damn fun.



via Andriasang

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