VIDEO: "Lollipop Chainsaw" Super Special Ultra Limited Collector's Edition Reveal

Get a free life-size chainsaw-wielding model with purchase?

Remember my little "problem" with limited-edition releases of games, and how I just can't resist buying them? Yeah, it's not stopping anytime soon, but even I will decide to hold back when something's too pricey, like the recently-revealed Lollipop Chainsaw Super Special Ultra Limited Collector's Edition, which comes with... a 1:1 robotic replica of Juliet Starling, played by cosplay model Jessica Nigri? Beware the creepy fanboys:

Okay, I was getting kind of weirded out until the ending. I kind of hope I don't have to tell any of you that this is a parody, but what do you think an actual Lollipop Chainsaw Collectors or Limited Edition would come with? Maybe a bunch of the costumes, or extra in-game content like levels or playable characters? Or are some of you still holding out for a life-sized Jessica Nigri?



via Destructoid

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