"Steins;Gate" Movie Not Coming This Fall After All?

Correction made nearly two weeks after first announcement in two magazines

If you remember a few weeks ago, we reported on the latest info regarding the long-planned Steins;Gate feature film that every fan has been waiting on since it was first announced that stated that it would be released this Fall.


Well, it turns out that even magazines make mistakes as the publisher for Shonen Ace has taken to the dedicated page for the movie to clarify the announcement:


In the 4/26 on sale copy of June issue of Shonen Ace and 5/2 on sale
copy of Young Ace, there is a mistake in the introduction of
"SteinsGate4 Idiom of the Setxtent Pt1"

Mistaken: Movie premieres this fall.
Correct: Steins;Gate the Movie Production Green-Lit

(Typical we're sorry to everyone line here)

-5/11 Sneaker Editorial Department

What makes this even stranger is that it took the editorial arm nearly two weeks after the magazine was released to correct the previous announcement and this update went unnoticed until the last couple days, which implies that they wanted to bury the correction rather than make a public statement.


With this latest change, it looks like it'll be awhile before our favorite Future Gadget Lab members will hit the silver screen. What a way to bum everyone out.


Gregory Lanson contributed to this report


via Otanews

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