Japanese Readers Pick Surprising Choice for Strongest "Fate/zero" Character

Semi-scientific poll picks strongest servent

Leading to the premiere of Fate/zero's second season, Japanese site MyNavi ran a semi-scientific poll of readers, asking which of the anime which Servents was strongest. The newly posted results surprised the Japanese anime blog community and even the poll organizers.


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1. Saber 35.1%

Readers of both genders and across a spectrum of occupations admired what they described as a strong,  beautiful character. They credited her sincere dedication as the source of unbeatable her power.


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2. Archer -  19.6%

Typical responses, such as those from a 27 year male old IT worker said that the resources that he had access to thanks to his Gates of Babylon Noble Phantasm make him unbeatable, while a 25 year old male food industry works said royal brilliance placed him even above Saber.


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3. Assassin - 18.2% 

Here's the real headscratcher. Even MyNavi noted that it was unexpected, Those that did pick him, from a 22 year old female clerk to a 30 year old male sales person mostly just said that the skull faced Assassin looked the part.


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4. Rider - 13.1%

Readers such a 26 year old female insurance professional said that his strong, admirable personality and heroic command made him a top character.


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5. Berserker - 7.2%

Readers such as a 20 year old female food service worker said that his ability to turn anything he touches into a Noble Phantasm made him top tier.


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What do you think?


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