VIDEO: Faces Sparkle in Live-Action "Ai Ore!" Film Trailer

Adaptation of Mayu Shinjo's manga opens in Japan on August 25

If your Saturday is lacking a little sparkle, allow the trailer for the live-action Ai Ore Love Me! film adaptation to fix that. Based on the shōjo romance manga by Mayu Shinjo, Ai Ore! opens in Japanese theaters on August 25.



Ai Ore! follows Akira Shiraishi—played by Karam of Korean pop group DGNA—the male "princess" of an all-boys school who wants to join Mizuki Sakurazaka's band, Blaue Rosen. Mizuki (played by High School Debut's Ito Ōno) is, appropriately, the "prince" of her all-girls school, and starts out suspicious of Akira. 


The theme song featured in the trailer is DGNA's "Ikenai 1-2-3."





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