VIDEO: Ambitious Project Seeks to Fund Studio 4°C Animated Music Video Trilogy

Project aims to raise the hefty sum of $390,000 on Kickstarter

No one can fault Siwa Productions for thinking small with their crowd-funded "project : 13." The Tokyo and Ojai, California based artists are aiming to raise the hefty sum of $390,000 on Kickstarter to fund a trilogy of music video/shorts animated by Studio 4°C, the folks behind Tekkon Kinkreet, the new Berserk movies, and a portion of the AniMatrix



If funded, the "project : 13" will build out an original mythological story of good versus evil across three shorts. Each of the three "episodes" is designed to introduce a different portion of the project : 13 universe. Each has a different song, story, cast, and location with one central character providing the common thread between the three. 


The Kickstarter pages offers a look at current design work.


part 1: The Sound Of Hope - brings us into the project:13 story at a time, in the not too distant future, when the Earth has been conquered and enslaved by the forces of the Darmon Empire.

with the aid of a mechanical reconnaissance bird and high powered sonic accelerators - our team of heroes launch a daring mission to rescue one of their members and liberate innocent captives who are encased in saltstone by the Darmon in an underground prison.

in production now - estimated completion: September 2012


the scroll


Darmon head

Darmon distant

amber chamber

blue doors


part 2: Alice & The Robot 

in pre-production - estimated completion: December 2012

Eddie's conceptual sketches for Alice & The  Robot

part 3: The Queen Of Illumina

in pre-production - estimated completion: March 2013

Eddie's conceptual sketch for The Queen Of Illumina


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