VIDEO: Check Out the Four "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" DLC Characters

Kunimitsu, Ogre, Angel, and Michelle Chang join the fight

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has no shortage of faces to break--after all, the game's standard roster includes over 50 characters. A new trailer reveals four new fighters, previously only rumored: Tekken 2 alternate boss Angel, Tekken 3 boss Ogre, Manji Clan ninja Kunimitsu, and kung-fu-fightin' hippie Michelle Chang.

With Julia Chang putting on the lucha libre tights and mask as "Jaycee," I guess they had to bring Michelle back to keep the "family" style in the series. Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has already mentioned that he's not a big fan of paid DLC, so there is a very high chance that these four fighters will be free of charge when they ship with the game's first DLC pack.




What do you think? Were these characters ones you were hoping for in TTT2, or were there other characters from the series you wanted to be brought in? Actually, with this many fighters in the game, is there anybody left?


via Shoryuken

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