Kochi Indies Magazine Cover Illustration Contest Announced

Great opportunity to manga debut in Japan!

As previously reported, Kochi Indies Magazine is an independent manga magazine whose purpose is to find and nurture the young manga artists who want to be professional. They have started a new contest for the cover illustration for the next issue (12th issue) which is scheduled to be published in November this year. Of course they welcome applications from outside of Japan!


Since my last article about the magazine posted, they have received so many responses and inquiries from young manga artists in the world. Kyoko Yasuoka, the editor in chief, thinks that they should accept foreign manga artist's works for the sixth cover illustration contest. This is also a great opportunity for the magazine itself to find and communicate with talented manga artists outside of Japan. If you are interested, please check the guideline below.


Cover Illustration Contest

The cover of the up-coming issue of Kochi Indies Magazine will be selected by contest. The entries for the

contest will be displayed at the Yokoyama Ryuichi Manga Museum in Kochi Prefecture. Museum visitors can

vote for their favorite illustrations, the most popular one will be used for the cover of the next issue of KIM.

The voting period for the contest is scheduled to be two weeks in September. The illustrations will be also

exhibited at a manga event in November in Kochi (exhibition only, no contest).



Size: A4 (width 210mm x height 297mm)

   2893 x 4092 pixel (resolution: 350dpi)

Color mode: CMYK, RGB

Format: JPEG, EPS, PDF

The format for compression: zip

Please write your pseudonym, name, age, sex, and country.

(Only pseudonym and country will be listed for the exhibition)


Deadline: August 31, 2012


Please attach your art and send it in e-mail.

mail : [email protected]



The cover of the newest issue of KIM published on May 1


The winner of the first contest (by Sunatora: November 2007) 


The winner of the second contest (by Defu: November 2008)


The winner of the third contest (by Ise: November 2009)


The winner of the fourth contest (Kirin: November 2010)


The winner of the fifth contest (by Defu: November 2011) 


© Kochi Indies Magazine


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