Japanese Salaryman Transforms into DJ Mister PreCure

"PreCure" helped him see women in a more positive light

Hiroshi Takada*, 38 years old, a near shut-in on non-work days due to his previous girlfriend's abusive monitoring of his social activities, even with 'the guys.' On the brink of writing off women, period, he discovered PreCure:


"It's not just about fighting enemies—it also depicts characters battling against their own worries and anxieties, so even though it's meant for young girls, it's deep. At the same time, I had this sense of 'Wow, being a girl is hard; they're doing their best' and my narrow view of women disappeared."


In addition to this profound mental transformation, he was also inspired by the music in the show to the point where he debuted as "PreCure Ojisan" ("Mister PreCure"), a DJ spinning only PreCure theme songs.



DJ Mister PreCure has a magical transformation of his own! Check out his Cure Black cosplay on the right.

"You experience that anxious look on guardians' faces when you show up to an event for kids, so I'm working hard to create a place where adult fans can let loose [and enjoy PreCure]." So far, popularity has garnered him guest slots on radio shows and invitations to DJ outside of Tokyo, so who knows what comes next?! Would you party hard in a PreCure club?


Source: Nikkan Spa! via Hachima Kikou


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