Poll Results: What Beats "Dragon Quest" as Top Japanese Mental Reaction to "Dragon"?

A certain dragon-related property runs away with the majority vote

A recent poll conducted on NTT Docomo's Minna no Koe ("Everyone's Voice," a part of their iMode internet service like Nintendo Wii's Everybody Votes channel) called for users to name what comes to mind immediately when presented with the word "dragon." 


19,637 votes were cast between March 23rd and April 5th, and the top dragon of them all left a stunningly wide margin behind it and second place. Check out the full list below.



1) Dragon Ball - 10,527

2) Dragon Quest  - 2,171

3) Chunichi Dragons (professional baseball team) - 1,526

4) Dragon Sakura (manga) -  1,388

5) Enter the Dragon (Moeyo Dragon in Japan) - 1,181



6) Monkey D. Dragon from One Piece - 557

7) Tiger & Dragon (Japanese drama) - 332

8) The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - 202

9) Dragon fruit - 169

10) Dragon Collection (Konami's social game) - 70


Those round out the top 10, but if you want to see what fills in the rest of the spots, here's 11-15:


11) How to Train Your Dragon - 60

12) Dragon Buster (Namco Bandai arcade game) - 21

13) Dragon Boat (rowing sport) - 15

14) Dragon Odawara (mangaka: Wild Cherry Nights) - 13

15) Other - 1,405


Ok, think fast! What comes to mind immediately when you see/hear the word "dragon?"


Via My Game News Flash



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