Lei Fang Confirmed for "Dead or Alive 5" from Images in Newest "Famitsu"

With a special guest appearance by a certain Dennis Rodman lookalike

So far, all we've seen for Dead or Alive 5 are familiar faces--ninja half-sisters Ayane and Kasumi, their male counterparts Hayate and Hayabusa, rough-and-tumble karate practitioner Hitomi, and strangely enough, Virtua Fighter leading man Akira Yuki.


It really shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that graceful Tai Chi Chuan fighter Lei Fang is the next fighter to be added to the roster, having been a series regular since the original Dead or Alive. Unfortunately, the only images available are these blurry screens snapped from the latest Famitsu, but we'll be sure to show off more as they become available!






The screenshots seem to take place in a new stage called "The Show," in the middle of a circus act. Is that Zack that Lei Fang is beating up on?


What do you think, DoA fans? Will Team Ninja show off new characters any time soon, or will they reveal all the returning characters first?



via Shoryuken

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