Pretend You're Eating at "Polar Bear's Cafe" with Anime Tie-In Menu

Can't really imagine a show about a cafe NOT having a food promotion!

The currently airing anime Polar Bear's Cafe is getting its shot at food tie-ins at Ikebukuro's Namco Namja Town theme park in Tokyo. It only makes sense that a show about a cafe would get a special menu! This collaboration runs June 2nd through July 29th and includes photo opp spots and raffle prizes in addition to tasty looking desserts and snacks. Each order comes with a 10 cm (almost 4 in) original coaster. Check out all the items below:


*For reference 100 yen is about US $1.26 dollars right now.



"The usual" Panda Gelato 650 yen



"Sasako's Panda Roll Cake" 580 yen



"Panda Mama and Panda's Gooey Ice Cream" 600 yen



"Panda's Strawberry Tart" 580 yen



"'A large order of bamboo!' Panda's English Muffin Set" 850 yen



"We started Polar Bear" Milk flavored shaved ice. 650 yen



"Crazy For You, Polar Bear's Hand-Made Salmon Stew" Comes with Polar Bear toast. 900 yen



"Penguin's South Pole Parfait" 650 yen



"Grizzly's Wild Ice Cream" 650 yen



"Because I'm a panda who works full-time" Served at a soft cream bar, so we'd guess this is a cookie arrangement with soft cream in the middle. Soft cream is not quite the same as soft serve (ice cream), but very similar. 700 yen



"Llama Chocolate Cake" Featuring what looks like jelly made to appear as Llama's favorite food—grass. 500 yen



"'I'm hoping to live here' Lazy Bum's Crepe" 650 yen



"Polar Bear Cafe Special Bamboo Leaf Parfait" 680 yen



"Polar Bear's Cafe Strawberry Marshmallow Set" 580 yen


Polar Bear's Cafe is based on the manga by Aloha Higa serialized in Monthly Flowers. Which of these food items makes you most hungry?



via Walkerplus

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