VIDEO: Zack and Lei Fang Duke it Out in "Dead or Alive 5"

Check out a big brawl under the Big Top with favorite "DoA" fighters

A few days ago, we got an early, blurry look at Lei Fang in Dead or Alive 5. Now Tecmo Koei has released a gameplay trailer, showing off a battle between Lei Fang and recently-revealed returning fighter Zack in the middle of a circus act--ringleader, trained tigers, flaming hoops and all.



The game still looks great, but the real highlight has to be Lei Fang hitting Zack so hard he loses his afro. It's also nice to see that Team Ninja is still keeping the tradition of Zack's insane costumes--what do you hope to see in future Dead or Alive 5 announcements?



via Shoryuken

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