Classic PSOne Platformer "Tomba!" Coming to PSN this Summer

Put on your spikey pink wig and get ready to take on some pigs

Back in the early days of the PlayStation, even a game as great as Tomba! went largely unnoticed. 2D was out, 3D was in, and platformers were ancient history. Made by Mega Man producer and Ghosts and Goblins designer Tokuro Fujiwara, Tomba! was about... well, all I can remember is that it was about a guy with pink hair who beat the crap out of pigs.


Story be damned, it was an excellently-designed platformer that had the bad luck of coming out in 1998. Thankfully, we'll all get a chance to give this game another spin, as it's arriving on PSN via MonkeyPaw Games this coming summer as a PSOne Classic!



While there's still no word on the sequel, this is still really cool news for fans of classic platformers. What do you think? Are you going to give Tomba! a shot?



via Joystiq

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