VIDEO: "KickBeat" Lets You Take on Evil with the Power of Rock

Beat up some dudes while you beat up the beat

Strangely enough, many of my most entertaining gaming moments have come from rhythm games. Playing Beatles songs with three friends in Rock Band, watching a friend split his hand open on a DanceManiax machine and still beat me, and half the crap they let you do in Elite Beat Agents--somehow, adding music made them all feel that much cooler.


While Square-Enix is gearing up for Final Fantasy nostalgia with Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Zen Studios is planning to mix rhythm gaming with the chaos of a one-man-army brawl in the PS Vita-exclusive KickBeat.



Okay, so after actually seeing the combat in this game, I'm a little disappointed--it's like expecting Fist of Legend and instead getting Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. But hey, for all we know the game might actually be really fun! What do you think? Is KickBeat a nice-enough holdover until another Elite Beat Agents or Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! comes along?



via Destructoid

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