VIDEO: New trailer for "Yamato 2199"

More footage from the Star Blazers re-boot

As a longtime Star Blazers / Space Battleship Yamato fan, I'm curious "meh" about the current Yamato 2199 re-make now underway in Japan. It sure looks pretty, and there's some top talent involved, but unless they start throwing some serious curveballs or surprises into the note-for-note retread storyline soon, I'm going to file this under "was this 148000 light year trip really necessary?”


Still, if you haven’t already long since committed this classic anime plot to memory, you could do worse than watch Yamato 2199. While I don't think it's likely to replace the original 1974 anime TV series anytime soon, maybe it could introduce a new generation of fans to a world-class space opera? Worth a try, I guess...



The latest trailer (above) covers episodes 3-6 of the series, which is now being released to Japanese theaters and home video in June and July respectively. Behold the warp jump, aerial combat and reflex gun action on Pluto, and the incredible destructive power of the wave motion gun. 


I say, "been there, done that", but maybe it's all new to you. And that's OK with me.


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