"Jump Super Heroes Special Collection DVD" Series Re-Releases Nostalgic Anime Premieres

5 disk Japanese crash course in "Shonen Jump" anime history

Weekly Shonen Jump heroes from days gone by reappear this year in a new Japanese DVD series that collects episode 1s of classic anime adaptations. Five volumes will be released starting today through the end of the year at the bargain bin price of 1,200 yen each (about US $15). Here's a list of all the shows included:


Vol. 1 Hot blood!! Battle Heroes 1 (on sale today, May 25th)




Dr. Slump

Fist of the North Star


Saint Seiya

Slam Dunk


Vol. 2 Hot Blood!! Battle Heroes 2 (on sale July 20th)


Pictured: YuYu Hakusho


Ring ni Kakero 1


Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin

Sakigake!! Otokojuku

Dragonball Z

YuYu Hakusho


Vol. 3 Passion!! Legend Heroes (on sale August 24th)


Pictured: Cat's Eye


Dokonjo Gaeru

Samurai Giants

Kouya no Shonen Isamu


Space Cobra

Cat's Eye


Vol. 4 Excitement! Miracle Heroes (on sale October 26th)


Pictured: Soul Hunter


Stop!! Hibari-kun!

Hareluya II Boy


Jigoku Sensei Nūbē

Soul Hunter (Houshin Engi)

Dragonball GT


Vol. 5 Entertaining! Comedy Heroes (on sale December 21st)


Pictured: Tottemo! Luckyman


High School! Kimengumi

Kimagure Orange Road

The Burning Wild Man 

Magical Tarurūto-kun

Tottemo! Luckyman

Midori no Makibaō

Each volume includes a booklet featuring a synopsis and cast and staff info. If you pick up Vol. 1 and fill out a survey postcard, you can apply to be one of 1,200 people to receive a pin set featuring the main characters:



What do you guys think about the concept for the DVD series? Personally, it's kind of exciting to see all these classics in one spot, but if it's just episode one of each show, it seems doomed to be kind of unfulfilling in the end. Would you pick these up if you had the chance?



Jump Super Heroes Special Collection DVD Official Site


via Natalie

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