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Between the appearance of Deadman Wonderland and its English cast on Toonami and the English voices for the Gintama movie being revealed, it seems like a decent time to express our appreciation for dubs. Ok, personally, I don't watch that many, especially now that I speak enough Japanese to understand more than a word here and there of most shows, but I certainly watched my share of Toonami back in the day, so the value is clear. As you peruse this week's hit stories, consider leaving a memory of your favorite dub in the comments. Annnnd if you're not already, make sure to be follow us on Twitter for all the news as it happens!



"Deadman Wonderland," "Casshern Sins" Join New Toonami Lineup


Operation Walpurgis Night - Puella Magi Mobile Suit Magica Gallery


"Resident Evil" Promo Lets You Escape from an Abandoned Hospital


"Evangelion x Hello Kitty" Collection T-Shirts Showcased





Sanrio's "My Melody" x "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" Goods Coming This July


One Piece Themed Instant Ramen, Yakisoba Offered in Japan


"DmC Devil May Cry" Brings Dante Back on January 15


First Look at New "Tales" Game


Pretend You're Eating at "Polar Bear's Cafe" with Anime Tie-In Menu


Jackie Chan Retires from Death-Defying Stunts


"Gintama" Movie Dub Cast Revealed


Bandai Summons "Fate/Zero" Saber Cake


Tokyo Skytree Opens as World's Second Tallest Structure


Japanese Fans Name Their Favorite Late Night Anime Ending


Ken Akamatsu Remarks on the Possibility of Returning to "Negima" Manga


Full Sized "One Piece" Pirate Ship to Host Weddings


"[email protected]" Episode 26 to Air on Japanese TV in June


Kochi Indies Magazine Cover Illustration Contest Announced


Sentai Filmworks Confirms "Intrigue in the Bakumatsu ~ Irohanihoheto" License





Kotobukiya HMM Zoids Archive 2012 Exhibit Photo Report


Fanart Friday, Midnight Run Edition


Kotobukiya Showroom in Akihabara Photo Report


Newest Japanese Independent Anime Shorts: Part 9 





Second 8-Minute "Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple" OVA Clip Posted


"Super Street Fighter II" Now Re-Armed with "Portal" Guns


Check Out the Four "Tekken Tag Tournament 2" DLC Characters


Latest "Dog Days 2" Anime Trailer


"Tales" RPG Series Celebrates HIstory in New Teaser


"Dragon Ball Z for Kinect" Power of the QR Codes Preview


"Blood-C: The Last Dark" Teams Up with Online Security Software


KyoAni Produces Animated Promo for "Kyoukai no Kanata" Light Novel


New Trailer for "Yamato 2199"


Faces Sparkle in Live-Action "Ai Ore!" Film Trailer



My favorite dub, Cowboy Bebop!





Kuroko's Basketball Game Bouncing On To PSP [Siliconera] 


Tokitowa's Gift System Revealed [Andriasang] 


Dir en grey Concert Film to Be Streamed Worldwide [ANN] 


Diablo III Breaks Record For Fastest-Selling PC Game Ever [Siliconera] 


Voice Actress Yuko Goto Reveals Ailment as Autoimmune Disease [ANN] 


As Joseph Luster would say, if he were not in Cancun, "Thanks for tuning in to CrunchyNews and hanging out with us this week!" We value your feedback, so if you have an idea or comment, let us know!

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