Voice Actress Eri Kitamura's First Album Announced

Nine new Kitaeri tracks on the way this summer

Fans know voice actress Eri Kitamura as Karen Araragi from Bake/Nisemonogatari, Kirie Kanoe from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, and Mahiro Yasaka from Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos, among other anime characters, but did you know she's also a singer? Her first full album has just been announced. 



Re ; Story features the previously released songs:


"Be Starters!" (the opening theme to Mayochiki!)

"Shirushi" (the opening theme to C3)

"Happy Girl" (the opening theme to Listen to Me, Girls, I'm Your Father!)

"Be A Diamond" (which came coupled with "Shirushi" originally)


plus nine new tracks, for a total of 13.


The normal version runs 2,800 yen (about US $35), but for 200 extra you can get a first printing limited edition that comes in a special Digipak CD case with a photo collection booklet.  Both go on sale July 25th.


via Otakomu

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