Necomimi, the Brainwave Cat Ears, Now Available to All

...and Crunchyroll has got 'em!

A few months back, the world was shaken to its very core by the news that brainwave cat ears -- which moved according to the thoughts of the person wearing them -- were set to be released in Japan. The demo video for this otaku dream product called “Necomimi” hit big on YouTube and has since racked up millions of views.



Necomimi were released in Japan earlier this month, and all sets were immediately sold out. Now, the first pairs of ears – especially made for the US market – have popped up for sale outside of Japan…and Crunchyroll has got them!


As of this very moment, Crunchyroll is the exclusive online retailer of Necomimi, and headsets are now being offered for a limited time as part of Shinji's Deal of the Day. As part of the launch, ace cosplayer Victoria (AKA SailorBee, AKA Crunchyroll News reporter, AKA the co-host of THE LIVE SHOW) tried out a pair and posted her trial video below...



Here's her full product review:


Good news – we are living in an age when machines can actually read our brain waves, and act accordingly. So, naturally, cat ears are going to be one of the first products out of the gate to show off that potentially life-changing technology ~ ! Welcome to the world of Necomimi - cat ears that move according to your thoughts! Reading your brainwaves with a special node - Neurosky's Necomimi are the latest an greatest must-have for any cosplayer, otaku, or anyone really! These things are just too cool. Once I put them on, I did not want to take them off. I like to layer the strap between my hair as to hide it. Making sure the brainwave-reading node is securely attached to your head is crucial, as it aides in callibration, and callibration is key with the Necomimi! You want to sync with them perfectly, kind of like an EVA pilot. Not only do they make cute sounds as the ears move and turn, but by putting them on you instantly look 2-3 times more adorable. The Necomimi not only appeal to people thanks to the novelty of anime cat-girls, but when is it not cool to have a toy this SMART? 

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