VIDEO: The New Momoiro Clover Z PV, PUSH!

8th single by five-girl-strong idol group

Ok, I freely admit it. I’m a Momoiro Clover Z fan… Mainly because while AKB48 gets the headlines, and Perfume is bigger globally, this gaggle of five color coordinated idols breathlessly spins out hyperactive j-pop unlike anyone else right now. And while I don’t collect their limited edition goods or pay outrageous sums for their concert tickets, I DO drop whatever I’m doing when one of Momoiro’s new music videos breaks.


The clip for PUSH, their 8th single and campaign tie-up song for Lotte ice cream, does not disappoint in the “crazy” department. The girls seem to be untaking some sort of ninja training that allows for flames to erupt from their eyes with pictures of peaches affixed to their noses, possibly on a mission to single-handedly convince the rest of the world to let the 2020 Olympics be held in Japan. Or something like that. You figure it out the rest…



Meanwhile, Momoiro Clover Z are a group on the move. In addition to providing the incredible theme song to Bodacious Space Pirates, they also been drafted to provide the pipes for the new season of Pokémon Best Wishes. Here’s holding onto hope that we’ll be seeing a familiar face (below) in their next music video as well!




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