VIDEO: See the "Steins;Gate" Gel Banana Toy in Action

We unbox the "Steins;Gate" double pack for PS3

The Steins;Gate double pack (or "w pack," as they like to abbreviate in Japan) for PS3 came out on May 24th in Japan and I finally picked up my preorder. We first became aware of the gel banana toy bonus back in January, but today I got to hold it in my hands (not that you should feel envious of that in any way). First, let's unbox:



The outer package...

Where am I gonna hang this awesome wall scroll? (This came packed in a separate plastic sleeve and seems to be a bonus I got for shopping at Sofmap, as it's not listed in the official bundle.)

The mini poster pre-order bonus came rolled up in a box, so the edges are still curling a little.

This is what comes inside the fancy package from the first image. On the right is Steins;Gate, obviously, but what could the left be?

Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri no Darling. AKA the reason this bundle is called a double pack. It was underneath the first game.

Steins;Gate Symphonic Material, a CD of which you can hear a preview here.

Contained within the microwave box on the left was indeed...the gel banana.

Well, I took quite a few pictures of that banana once I got it out of the wrapper, but decided I could not rest until I had conveyed its form in motion, so here is a clip I took for you guys: 



Now scroll back up and compare that video to the headline image, which is a PR photo of the banana from the official site...


Suggested retail for the Steins;Gate double pack for PS3 is 14,000 yen (about US $176). If you already own either one of these games, I cannot recommend buying again just for the banana!

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