"Ultimate Editions" of Best-Selling Games Available on PSN

"Red Dead Redemption," "BioShock 2" and more will be available with all DLC

One of the best things about waiting to buy a game instead of getting it at launch is buying a "Game of the Year" or "Complete" Edition. Not only do you get the game itself, but you'll also be able to get most or all of the game's DLC along with it, making for an even better purchase.


Starting today, Sony is releasing several best-selling games as "Ultimate Editions" on PSN, letting you pick up the game and all its DLC for a great price.




Excellent and immersive open-world Western Red Dead Redemption comes with multiplayer character pack Legends and Killers, second multiplayer pack Liars and Cheats, and the huge story add-on Undead Nightmare.




BioShock 2 not only drags you back into the underwater hell of Rapture, but includes four new multiplayer characters, six new multiplayer maps, six new trials maps, additional weapons and Trophies, and increases multiplayer rank up to 50. On that note, does anybody still play multiplayer for this?




Classy crime thriller L.A. Noire's Ultimate Edition is basically the same thing as the packaged "Complete Edition" we got earlier this year. You get the game, plus a handful of new cases to work through.


All of these are available on PSN for $27.99, or $19.59 for PlayStation Plus members.


While these three games are the headliners, you can also pick up Ultimate Editions of InFamous 2 ($33.99), MotorStorm Apocalypse ($50.49), Call of Duty: Black Ops ($66.49), Mafia II ($20.99), Just Cause 2 ($20.99), and Mortal Kombat ($34.99), all with discounted prices for PlayStation Plus members.


So what do you think? Were you going to pick up any titles you missed out on?



via Gamespot

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