Having Fun with Real Little Girls at The [email protected] Doujin Event

Two cosplay little girls provided a special moment for the adult fan

"Freedom" is a doujinshi (self-publishing works) event featuring The [email protected] gag magazines, which was held at Itabashi-ku's public facility High Life Plaza Itabashi in Tokyo on Saturday, May 26. The special guests for the event were two little girls (probably 5 or 6 years old) who cosplayed as Yayoi Takatsuki in wedding dress and Mami Futami.


A Japanese blog Sazanami Kaihen kindly posted a photo report of the event for us yesterday. Apparently, the adult male participants had a good time with the girls. Such a rare opportunity like having direct physical contact with little girls must be very precious and important for a specific group of people, as you can imagine.


*all of the photos were taken by Sazanami Kaihen


The event room


The event catalog


Illustrations for the auction to cover the event's operation cost


Tin badges


Ami& Mami's birthday cake


The cosplay little girls asking donation for the operation cost


Being a little girl's horse must be their lifetime dreams


Even being trampled by little girls gave them the happiest moment


Again, they were doing this in a public facility of Itabashi-ku, Tokyo


Source: Sazanami Kaihen


Yayoi image © NBGI/PROJECT [email protected]

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