Film Director Kaneto Shindo Passes Away at 100

Shindo was responsible for classics like "Onibaba" and more

Fans of classic Japanese cinema will be saddened to learn that director Kaneto Shindo has passed away. His most widely known film, Onibaba, was released in 1964. Shindo died of natural causes at the age of 100. 



Kaneto Shindo's first film as director—after studying under Kenji Mizoguchi (The 47 Ronin), serving with the Imperial Japanese Navy, and collaborating with director Kōzaburō Yoshimura (The Tale of Genji)—was 1951's Story of a Beloved Wife. He went on to direct more internationally known films such as The Naked Island, The Life of Chikuzan, Children of Hiroshima, and the aforementioned Onibaba



Shindo was born in Hiroshima on April 22, 1912. At the time of his 2010 film, Postcard, he was the world's oldest active film director. If you haven't seen any of his films, definitely give them a look. Onibaba remains as haunting today as ever.


Onibaba Trailer: Only very slightly NSFW


Via Nippon Cinema



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