JManga Debuts "But I'm a Maid!"

More comedy added with "Chitose Get You!!", "PoyoPoyo's Observation Diary," and "Yurumates"

JManga is adding a fresh selection of comedy manga in this week's Thursday update. Sakai Sayuri's 2011 shoujo rom-com But I'm a Maid! debuts on the digital manga portal, along with new volumes of Chitose Get You!!, PoyoPoyo's Observation Diary, and Yurumates.


Chitose Get You!! Vol. 3

Created by Etsuya Mashima
Chitose is an energetic yet slightly precocious elementary schooler. Chitose has the biggest crush on a guy she like to call “Onii-chan” who works at a town hall next to Chitose’s school. Poor Onii-chan gets hassled endlessly by Chitose. Will Onii-chan ever get a day of peace?!?!

PoyoPoyo's Observation Diary Vol. 3
Created by Ru Tatuki

Is it a pillow?!?!, it’s a CAT!! One night, 22-year-old Moe took in the ever-so pillow-like cat, Poyo. No doubt, Poyo not your everyday cat (doesn't look or sound like one!), but that doesn't stop Moe, her family, friends, and neighbors from loving the adorable spherical cat!! Ru Tatuki brings you the perfect amount of humor and warmth in this delightful feline 4-Koma manga!!


Created by saxyun
After graduating high school, Yurume moved to Tokyo to prepare to take her college entrance exam. For better or for worse, veteran exam failures await her in her new apartment. Together they spend their days lounging out, playing tag… and studying? Well, maybe not. Read on and find Yurume’s 4-Koma-manga-like life in Saxyun's debut 4-Koma!

BUT I'M A MAID! Vol. 1
Created by SAKAI Sayuri
"At last, I've come to the fateful place!!"The heroine Karen Otonashi takes the employment tests for a maid position for the Mitsurugi family, in hopes of becoming a great maid like her grandmother. What will be on the tests given by the Mitsurugi family's handsome "masters"?


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