"Dark Souls" Add-on DLC Coming to PS3, 360

Games for Windows Live-exclusive Prepare to Die Edition also coming to Steam

Dark Souls and Demon's Souls do something great in video games: they don't make you feel like a badass. Every single little victory you get is worth it when the game's Goomba equivalents can horribly murder you.


PC gamers will get a chance to check out From Software's latest ruthless RPG Dark Souls with the Prepare to Die Edition, which comes with the special "Artorias of the Abyss" add-on content. The PC-exclusive Prepare to Die Edition will also be coming to Steam on August 24, after complaints from gamers about having to use Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service for the physical copy.


Souls fans on the 360 and PS3 can pick up "Artorias of the Abyss" this winter for 1200 MSP/$15, bringing additional areas to explore, more bosses and regular enemies, NPCs, and equipment.


So what do you think, Souls fans? Ready for another round of gruesome accidental deaths and fighting for your life against seemingly ordinary skeletons?



via Gamespot

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