"Sadako 3D" Set to Shriek into the FOURTH Dimension

Horror goes to the next level as Sadako becomes "4D"

As if the hype machine for the Japanese theatrical release of Sadako 3D—the next stage of the Ringu franchise which premiered on May 12—wasn't enough, Kadokawa is adding a whole new dimension to the experience. No, seriously, they're bumping this horror train up to 4D


Just what does that entail, you ask? Filmgoers attending screenings will have their legs grabbed while they soak in the film, clouds of white smoke will be pumped into the theater, seats fitted with velcro will bind people's arms, and a horde of real-life Sadakos will emerge from a well and invade the theater.


A similar gimmick ran in Japanese theaters last September during screenings of Robert Rodriquez's Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D. "4DX" features included specific smells in the theater and vibrations at certain points. The Sadako 4D experience is certainly giving Rodriguez a run for his money. 


Sadako 4D screenings kick off at Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku on June 7. Just imagine if they had gone with the Smell-O-Vision effect for this one. No one needs to know what Sadako smells like...


Via Nippon Cinema



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