The COG and Locust Return in "Gears of War: Judgment"

More cover-hopping action brought to you by Epic and People Can Fly

While Gears of War: Exile (whatever that was) got canned, there's a new Gears title in the works from Bulletstorm and Painkiller developer People Can Fly, titled Gears of War: Judgment.


Originally set to be the cover story of the new issue of Game Informer, the magazine has instead released images and information early--all we know from the promo images is that the game will feature Gears' comic relief duo Damon Baird and Augustus "Cole Train" Cole--they're being led away in irons by COG troops while the Locust Horde attacks, so this game will probably be a prequel to the first Gears of War.





With People Can Fly developing this game, I've got pretty high hopes--after all, Bulletstorm was a hilarious, sadistic ride with the occasional nugget of idiotic comedy gold. What do you think, Gears fans? With the war ending in Gears of War 3, is a prequel the best choice for this series, or should Epic have moved on to a new setting and characters?



via Destructoid

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