Jump Higher! Punch Harder! "Game Genie" Grants Wishes on PS3!

"Video game enhancer" returns to help you cheat some more

Game Genie put in a lot of work back in the day to make us all feel like we were gods of gaming. For those who don't remember, players could attach Game Genie to carts and consoles, granting access to an input screen for codes that launched gaming powers into the stratosphere. Now Hyperkin is bringing the genie back to grant wishes on PlayStation 3.



The cheat code enabling "video game enhancer" will be shown at E3 along with Skyrim and other recent games. Here's a list of some features that are a bit more specific than the original Game Genie's boasts of "jump higher!" and "punch harder!"


  • Loads, uploads and backs up your save data
  • All-in-one USB drive to transfer saves from PS3 to PC for easy modification
  • Unlocks secret content from weapons, levels, items, etc.
  • Ability to trade game saves with other players


Some of that actually sounds pretty handy. Of course, with modern consoles the addition of Game Genie raises more questions, especially when it comes to cheating online and unlocking PS3 Trophies. Did anyone here own one on any older systems? Is the genie welcome in this day and age, or is he simply much too powerful?


Via Destructoid



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