JT x "Fate/Zero" Anime x Lawson = Campaign Goods Ahoy

"Fate/Zero" fans may have a new reason to drop by Lawson convenience stores

Fate/Zero fans can disagree, but I sort of feel like this image is worth the campaign in and of itself. Isn't this exactly the kind of thing Rider would do anyways? 



To make a long story short, between June 19th and July 2nd, buying certain drinks from JT at Lawson convenience stores will earn you points towards a chance to win Fate/Zero merch. Which drinks?



More importantly, what merch?!?



The A "course" is one that only two people will be able to get. For 15 points, one person will get a Roots Aroma Black [coffee brand] ver. Saber figure and one person will get a Lawson Conquering King ver. Rider figure. These have yet to be unveiled!



B course: 5 people with 15 points will get a limited edition 3-D poster of the campaign image signed by Saber voice actress Ayako Kawasumi. 


C course: 100 people with 10 points will get an SD Saber ceramic figure.



D course: 100 people with five points will get a "jumbo towel" in the style of Rider's mantle.


E course: 1,000 people with three points will get a set of 14 clear files; 13 are shots from the first season and one is of the Lawson campaign image. 



F course: 30,000 people with one point will get one of three Lawson original Saber ringtones recorded by Ayako Kawasumi for the occasion. (You need a mobile phone to take advantage of this!)


If nothing else, you can grab a mobile/smart phone wallpaper of the campaign image.


Collecting the points is only the beginning, fans still need to come out the lucky side of a lottery to actually win. In the fine print they have banned the auction of prize items. Do you think that would stop something like this from happening?


via Otakomu

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