Rumor: Nintendo's Wii U Priced, Larger 3DS Screen Incoming

Nikkei report has Nintendo's next console at ¥30,000

Nikkei* has some interesting news regarding future Nintendo announcements, both on the portable and home console front. According to their report, Nintendo plans to announce a 3DS with a larger screen, and the Wii U is projected to debut at a ¥30,000 price point.


The larger 3DS screen is reported to be 4.3 inches, putting it at 1.5 times the current size, with a release planned as early as summer for North America, Japan, and Europe. For the sake of comparison, our own Marvelous Nate Ming offers the following side-by-side of the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS. Also trash, maybe some gum, Nate's big toe, and his dogs.



While Nintendo previously stated they wouldn't be announcing pricing at E3, Nikkei has the company's new console, Wii U, priced at ¥30,000 (about $383). Andriasang compares that to PlayStation 3's 160GB MSRP of ¥24,980 ($319), and Wii's ¥20,000 ($255).


Obviously we won't be certain until Nintendo officially announces pricing and the larger 3DS screen, but what do you think? Does the 3DS need a bigger screen, and does the potential price of Wii U sound about right? Nintendo's press conference is tomorrow at 9:00 am PST, so stay tuned for more concrete info about Wii U and more!


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