Platinum's "Project P-100" Like a Spiritual Sequel to "Viewtiful Joe"

Wii U actioner mixes cartoony style with all-out action

Whether you played it on the GameCube or years later on the PS2, Viewtiful Joe was easily one of the best action experiences of the last console generation. Clover Studio's first project, its classic side-scrolling gameplay mixed with some decidedly new-school action, forcing you to look like an absolute badass in every single fight, otherwise you wouldn't get much EXP or money to level up with.

With most of Clover's staff now over at Platinum Games, fans have been wondering when we'd get another Viewtiful Joe-alike--after all, Platinum has already shown us what 3D action games should be like with Bayonetta and Vanquish.

Only a few images have been revealed concerning Platinum's mysterious "Project P-100," which has the same dynamic, cartoony style of Viewtiful Joe, but appears to have the gameplay of Smash TV or Robotron. Having what appears to be three lead characters makes me hope for some chaotic multiplayer like the 8- and 16-bit classics.












Okay, so the characters look kinda tiny in the screenshots... but it's an HD game, so it shouldn't be an issue at all, kinda like the text in Dead Rising. Personally, I can't wait for this game--Platinum has never let me down once, so I'd love to see what they do with this game, and since this one will be directed by Hideki Kamiya (Bayonetta), we know we're getting something solid.

What do you think so far?

via Andriasang

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