AKB48 General Election Crowns Yuko Oshima

Election and inauguration speeches can be viewed online until June 8th

There was singing, there were tears, there was rock-paper-scissors, and in the end, with 108,837 votes, Yuko Oshima from Team K took the title of most popular girl in pop juggernaut AKB48's latest election.



The top 10 vote-getters were:


Yuko Oshima

# 1 Yuko Oshima

108,837 votes


Mayu Watanabe

# 2 Mayu Watanabe

72,574 votes


Yuki Kashiwagi

# 3 Yuki Kashiwagi

71,076 votes


Rino Sashihara

# 4 Rino Sashihara

67,339 votes


Mariko Shinoda

# 5 Mariko Shinoda

67,017 votes


Minami Takahashi

# 6 Minami Takahashi

65,480 votes


Haruna Kojima

# 7 Haruna Kojima

54,483 votes


Tomomi Itano

# 8 Tomomi Itano

50,483 votes


Jurina Matsui

# 9 Jurina Matsui

45,747 votes


Rena Matsui

# 10 Rena Matsui

42,030 votes


A full listing can be seen on AKB48's Senbatsu Sosenkyo special site, which is also hosting election speeches until 17:30, June 8th (JST).


Voting was eligible to those who purchased AKB48's latest single, "Manatsu no Sounds Good!" Dedicated fans could vote multiple times by purchasing multiple copies of the CD, and by various reports, some die-hards did in fact purchase many copies.




Pictures via Yaraon



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