Capcom at E3: "Don't Hold Your Breath" for Future "Capcom vs. SNK"

Capcom's Seth Killian also comments on "Darkstalkers" and changes to "Street Fighter X Tekken"

Fighting game news is pretty squarely focused on Dead or Alive and Tekken right now, especially after Street Fighter X Tekken underperformed in sales. At E3, Capcom Community Manager Seth Killian did a quick Q&A session that saw him getting slammed with questions about some of Capcom's most beloved properties.


Unfortunately, the big news is a "no"--specifically, no plans for future Capcom vs. SNK titles at this time. So far, there are also no plans to port longtime tournament favorite Capcom vs. SNK 2 to modern consoles.




Killian went on to reassure us that Darkstalkers aren't dead, so there's some hope for fans of Capcom's classic supernatural fighters, and talked about more fixes to Street Fighter X Tekken's bugs. Killian said there would be "fireworks" in the future for SFxT, working on changes to tagging, damage ratios, the timer and more.


That's satisfying since I've barely touched my copy of SFxT (I'm really just waiting for the extra characters), but there are three specific things I want to see Capcom return to: another Strider, another Power Stone, and a re-release of the Alien vs. Predator arcade beat-'em-up.


What about you? Are you hopes and dreams crushed by the lack of Capcom vs. SNK in the future, or are there other projects you'd rather see Capcom tackle?



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