Mountaineering-themed Manga "Yama no Susume" Gets TV Anime

Produced by 8-Bit (Aquarion Evol, Infinite Stratos)

A Japanese publishing company EARTH STAR Entertainment announced that Shiro's Yama no Susume manga has officially been green-lit for a TV anime adaptation in 2013. The anime will be produced by 8-Bit (Aquarion Evol, Infinite Stratos). "Yama no Susume" is roughly translated as "An Encouragement of Mountaineering".


The manga has been running in EARTH STAR'S monthly manga magazine "Comic Earth Star" and the first volume of the tankoubon will be published on June 12. The story is about two childhood friends, Aoi and Hinata. Aoi is an in-doors type of person and also has a terror of heights. On the contrary, Hinata is an out-doors type and loves mountaineering. They decide to try mountaineering to see the sunrise they saw together in their childhood from the mountain top.  


[Shiro's official website]


The cover of the first volume (left: Hinata right: Aoi)


Shiro's doujinshi "Tabi no Susume 3" cover


Source: Mynavi News


© Shiro/EARTH STAR Entertainment

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