VIDEO: Vocaloid China Project Anime PV 1st Episode Posted

Chinese Vocaloid 3 package will be released in July

VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT released a fully animated 3 minutes 10 seconds promotional video featuring Luo Tianyi, the first Chinese Vocaloid on their official site. A 40 seconds preview without her singing voice was previously posted in May. Now you can listen to her voice in the second half of this full-version video (from 2:15) and the demo song video. The Chinese Vocaloid 3 package will be released in the middle of July in China. The limited version will be bundled with Luo Tianyi figure, art collections, original CD, and original USB (8GB). How do you like this Chinese Vocaloid's song?


1st anime PV


Demo song "step on your heart"


Source: Hatsune Mikumiku



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