Brag About Your Waifu on New Pinterest-Like Otaku Site

"Ore no Yome wo Jiman Suru Saito" is brazen in many ways

As if we don't have Facebook, Twitter, channels 2 and 4, and a host of other ways to exchange images and info about our favorite anime, manga, and videogame characters—I mean the 2D loves of our lives—a Japanese service has appeared to push that behavior to the forefront. Ore no Yome wo Jiman Suru Saito ("Site for Bragging about My Waifu" - browse images at your own risk) bears an at least superficial resemblance to the content sharing service Pinterest:


You can do a simple sign-in via Twitter as I have done in the above screenshot, but a tweet will be sent out in Japanese telling the world you are bragging about your waifu, which may or may not be ok with you.

New users are encouraged to share images of their room or items featuring their waifu. I don't have a waifu, so I drew a fire-breathing monster and uploaded that:


"Kaibutsu" means "monster."

You can bookmark the waifu images of others as favorites by clicking on the big "Kita kore!!" button. I fav'd a bizarre Madoka Magica figure: 



So far I only have one comment from Joseph Luster, and I'm not sure if I can gain "followers" in such a realm, but among the dolls, tanks, and anime characters, my monster-waifu at least stands out:


Erm, did I just troll this site? Oops.

via Asiajin


Note: The headline image is from the cover of the 9th volume of the Oreimo light novel series. 

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