VIDEO: What if Fanime 2012 was a Movie Preview?


Fanime 2012 is ALMOST old news. So here we are with the last of the cosplay/coverage video action! 

Although I am a BIG FAN of what's become the "normal" cosplay music video, (Read: Slow-motion steadimcam + pop rock music + cute cosplay girls, and bad-ass cosplay boys.) it's always awesome to find something new! 
New to the convention-video scene, Krys Villaster (zsoldier on YouTube) hopes his first video gives him the "ball of energy" needed to continue with more in the future.
Here's his "trailer" video for his Fanime 2012 convention coverage "movie" complete with "IN A WORLD" style narration!
It's hilarious, and full of familiar faces! Even some Crunchyroll Ambassadors make an appearance, can you spot them?

BONUS: Here's an earlier "draft" of the video minus the special effects! Take a look at what the footage looked like without all the cool CG!



Cosplayer, fangirl, and RPG enthusiast Victoria Holden is featured on The Live Show. You can follow her on Twitter at @sailorbee

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