Fight Manga "Grappler Baki" Ending (Again)

Baki gets a rest after his climactic fight with Yujiro

If you've been following the Baki oedipal fight manga over the decades, you're apt to greet the news that it's ending with some incredulity. The 1991 series "ended" in 1999 when it changed its name from Grappler Baki to New Grappler Baki, then in 2006 when it became Baki Hanma: Son of the Ogre. But feel free to take Keisuke Itagaki at his word when he says it's over.


At a launch event for magazine Bessatsu Shonen Champion and promo event for assistant Yukinao Yamauchi's latest Baki spin-off Kizuzura, Keisuke Itagaki proclaimed that Baki will be ending its Weekly Shonen Champion run in less than 10 weeks.


On one hand, Baki might seriously be getting a bit of a rest. The titular character has recently been fighting his father, Yujiro, which was the series' original motivation. On the other, in his event talk and in the manga plot, Itagaki has definitely left the door open for another tournament in Baki's future.


In the event photos, Yukinao Yamauchi has the suit and make-up facial scars of Hanayama Kaoru, the star of his Scarface spin-off.


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