VIDEO: "The Amazing Spider-Man 3D" Japanese Theme Song PV

"0 GAME" by a Nagoya-native rock band SPYAIR

SPYAIR, a Japanese rock band from Nagoya, has posted a promotion video of their latest single "0 GAME", which will be released on June 27 in Japan. The song is used as the Japanese theme song for the up-coming superhero movie The Amazing Spider-Man 3D. The movie will hit Japanese theaters on June 30, three days earlier than the US release.


The song was written by them long before the movie was made. But they really wanted to put the song into the movie and offered it to the film's production company. All of the staff including the officers loved the song and agreed to use it in the movie. The members of SPYAIR are big fans of Nickelback who performed the theme song for the 2002 Spider-Man movie directed by Sam Raimi. Also, their fourth single in 2011, "Samurai Heart" (Some Like it Hot), was used as the 17th ending theme for the Gin Tama TV anime series. How do you like the Japanese theme song?


SPYAIR (official site)


"0 GAME"


"Samurai Heart" (Some Like it Hot)


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