First Official "Tales of Xillia 2" Screens Surface

Namco Bandai's RPG sequel hits PlayStation 3 in Japan this winter

Earlier this month Namco Bandai announced Tales of Xillia 2 for PlayStation 3, leading off with a trailer that showcased cinematics and gameplay. Now Japanese gaming mag Famitsu's site has a story featuring the first official screens and artwork for the RPG, which you can check out below. 



Ludgar: 20 years old. Fancies himself quite the chef. Looks out for the cat Lulu and daydreams about working for the Clanpios corporation.



Elle: Pampered and shy eight-year-old girl on a quest to the legendary land of Canaan, which is said to grant travelers a single wish. Her wish is to help her father, and she meets Ludgar along the way.



Tales of Xillia 2 features the Weapon Shift system, which allows players to switch weapons on the fly during battle. As previously mentioned, there will also be key moments in which players will have to make choices that affect the story's outcome. Xillia 2 is due out in Japan this winter. 


Via Andriasang



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