Behind the Scenes "Naruto Shippuden: Road to Ninja" Pics Show Happy Namikaze/Uzumaki Family

Character designer Tetsuya Nishio sketches out the smiling clan

Masashi Kishimoto and the makers of this summer's Naruto movie, Road to Ninja, are apparently having a lot of fun with what is increasingly obviously a warped reality version of the cast. The production's official Twitter account has lately been offering a look at the feature's happy Namikaze/Uzumaki family. 


The anime film is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters on July 28th.


From animator/character designer Tetsuya Nishio (Sky Crawlers):

A bit of Nishio's other work:

Also from the behind the scenes posts...

Naruto herself, Junko Takeuchi (also Hunter x Hunter's Gon in 1999 version):


No longer dressing crumpy (cute-frumpy):




Naruto's product director:


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