"Dragon Quest X" Plushies Help You Net In-Game Items

Stuffed monsters come bundled with codes for herbs and more

Believe it or not, the cute critters pictured below are more than just plushies. Ok, they're technically just plushies, but both Omutsukkori and the Whip Ghost will come bundled with codes for in-game Dragon Quest X items when they debut in July.



Players who pick up the plushies can pop in these one-time codes for use in the Wii/Wii U RPG. Redeeming the code offers three medicinal herbs, three branches, three pieces of string, and an orb that offers a temporary gold and experience boost. This may mark the first time anyone has been excited about something coming with "pieces of string," but it beats your average plushie which offers NOTHING but comfort and mute companionship.


Omutsukkori and the Whip Ghost will be priced at ¥1,980 (about $25) each when they hit in July. Fans will have to hold on to them tightly after that until Dragon Quest X lands on Wii in Japan on August 2


Via Destructoid



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